Sunday, August 11, 2013

Billy Graham

Billy Graham will be turning 95 on November 7, 2013. Billy is still working for the Lord, he's doing everything that he can to continue the ministry of the Lord, as much as he can for someone his age. But, he's doing more than most Americans are right now. America is falling fast from God, and Billy has recognized that this falling away is getting worse.

But, unlike most people that can live to his age, Billy and a group of Christians are still working hard to reach the lost in America. Billy has issued a letter begging America to repent before it is too late. There's a challenge, to save America that the Billy Graham Ministry is starting in September. 40 Days to Save America, starting September 28 through November 6. He's asking us to pray, reach the lost and be "Matthews" for the Lord to bring people to repentance.

This challenge ends on the 6th, and on the 7th of November; Billy will have his birthday. Instead of celebrating his birthday with cake, family and friends, Billy is going to deliver a time sensitive message to America. He's asking all Christians to invite lost people into your homes to listen to the message, then repent of their sins and return to God by accepting Jesus as their Savior.

If America does not do this quickly, the judgment's of God will come down on this nation. Israel went through this cycle 13 times in their history and here we are, a blessed nation by God on the fast track to becoming a cursed nation. It's not God's fault, it's ours. Our nation is turning against God by allowing abortion, gay marriages, idolatry, and the immorality of this nation is equaled to cities like Sodom or Ninevah

There is hope. That hope is in Jesus Christ. He died for all of the sins man kind can commit. His shed blood on the Cross and taking on the Wrath of God upon Himself paid the price for each of us for eternity. That's the first message I have in my book, Protecting Life - The Restoring America Series. You see, it's not about restoring America, but about being restored to God. The first step has to be saving lives, specifically the lives of babies.

Once we have been restored to God as individuals and as a nation, we will be restored to the blessings God promised us. If we don't, the future is bleak. Just read Jonathan Cahn's book The Harbinger, or read Deuteronomy 28 and you will definitely get the picture.

My message, repent now. Let's show Billy Graham that his work for the Lord over the past 90 years has not been in vain. Let's show him that there is one last revival for America. Wouldn't that be awesome, that over the next 87 days, thousands or even millions would return to the Lord?

That is what I would love to see happen. I know that the millions of Christians in the world now would love to see it too. I know that Jesus would also love to see it come true. Start today.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Official Release

Today is the official day of my book release, Protecting Life-The Restoring America Series. My hope and prayer is twofold; that it gives the pro-life movement and supporters a boost and that it changes the hearts of the pro-choice people to realize that abortion is murder.

This is just the first step. We want to restore America completely to God, then we can be restored to what this nation once was. I am not in this for the money, but I am in this to give God glory. There will be more books in the "restore series" in the near future, but for now, my focus is going to be saving lives.

If just one person changes to pro-life, if one person accepts Jesus as their Savior, if just one person saves their child, the efforts in the Restore America project have accomplished something great, something eternal and it would be worthy of praising God for.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

John Wrana

I read Judge Andrew Napolitano's post on Facebook about American Hero John Wrana, and I will be honest. I was so damn mad I could scream. I am sick to death of this country being turned into this military style police state, it is time for all Christians and Conservatives to wake up and stop this bull now.

If you have not read this story, check out the link, at, called the WW2 Hero. You see, John resides in an assisted living home. He's 95 years old, and did not want to have surgery. He got agitated with the nursing staff for trying to pressure him into it. So, the cops get called and show up at the assisted living home, donning riot gear. Seriously, riot gear to take down a 95 year old war hero that is using a walker to get around. They not only use a tazer on him, but then shoot him with a beanbag in the guts. He is killed, killed by people sworn to protect citizens.

Is this what this world is coming to? What the hell is America coming to that we have to show up with riot gear and shoot a 95 year old war hero with a beanbag and kill him. Did it occur to anyone that maybe someone could have talked to this Patriot and ask him what got him agitated and try to resolve the problem? Did they think he was going to go on a killing spree in the Chicago area and outrun the police?

Chicago. Rahm Emanuel's Chicago. The same city with the highest murder rate per capita and the strictest gun control laws in the nation. The city that thinks that taking away a citizen's right to keep and bear arms, over ride the Federal Constitution and make it one of the unsafest cities in America. Socialism is at its highest in this area. Park Forest, the actual suburban city that this happened in should be ashamed. the people need to ask for the resignation of the police officers involved, the Chief of Police and the Mayor of the town. The police officers need to be charged with a crime.

People, it is time to take America back from the left wing socialist numb nuts that want to take our freedoms away. They took this American hero's freedom away, they take away the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans, including babies by allowing them to be murdered. What's next? Will our military police style socialist leaders start murdering Christians, Conservatives, Tea Party people and anyone that disagrees with them?

Demand that the socialists leave, it's our country, they work for us!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fighting For The Underdog

I have always stuck up for the underdog, whether that is a small kid at school, or someone that was in the "special education" classes. I believe it was part of my duty to help protect those that can't help themselves. We had to protect people from bullies. Bullies were the ones that got off on pushing people around and forcing their agenda's onto other people.

Sound familiar? It does to me, it sounds like the progressive pro-choice community. The people that want to shout at you, intimidate you and resort to name calling. Here's what else they will do, threaten your children, your spouse and anyone close to you. But, like Ted Nugent, I am not afraid of it and if someone wants to come after me, so be it.

The thing is this, they won't come after me. Most of the left wing liberal socialist nuts are all blowhards and when push comes to shove, their threats are just words. My advice, tune them out and focus on the real issue.

The real issue is this, protect the innocent and fight for those that cannot fight for themselves. Stand up for life, stand up for children, stand up for babies and stand up for America. Don't let the socialists win, stand together, take our country back. First step is, save the babies.

Next step has to be fire Washington D.C.!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rick Perry

So Lapine posts a phony news report about Governor Rick Perry today, and people thought that it was real. It wasn't, but the main point I am going to make is this, what does it really matter? They portrayed Governor Perry as some bumbling idiot that can't point out where the vagina is on a anatomical doll, but supposedly pointed to the wrong area. It didn't really happen, and though this website is supposed to be a satirical commentary website, they really try to do damage to any Christian Conservative out there.

The progressive, left wing liberal media loves to do this. They have done this to Governor Palin over and over again, spreading lies, and unfortunately, there are people that believe it. For the rest of us in this nation though, we don't believe the bull that the media tries to feed us, and to be honest, they have been stirring up a hornet's nest amongst the tea party, Christian patriots out there.

Back to my point though, even if this really did happen, pardon my French, what the hell does it have to do with abortion? My message to the liberal left wing-nut crowd that loves to have children ripped from their mother's womb and murdered, focus on the issue and stop your B.S. lies, diversion tactics and stupidity. It's not about women's rights, it's not about the safety of the mother, it's not about anything but your bloodthirsty desire to murder innocent babies. That's it, plain and simple.

America - wake up and realize the psychos that want to turn this into a socialist nation are evil, plain and simple.