Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Official Release

Today is the official day of my book release, Protecting Life-The Restoring America Series. My hope and prayer is twofold; that it gives the pro-life movement and supporters a boost and that it changes the hearts of the pro-choice people to realize that abortion is murder.

This is just the first step. We want to restore America completely to God, then we can be restored to what this nation once was. I am not in this for the money, but I am in this to give God glory. There will be more books in the "restore series" in the near future, but for now, my focus is going to be saving lives.

If just one person changes to pro-life, if one person accepts Jesus as their Savior, if just one person saves their child, the efforts in the Restore America project have accomplished something great, something eternal and it would be worthy of praising God for.

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