Friday, August 2, 2013

Fighting For The Underdog

I have always stuck up for the underdog, whether that is a small kid at school, or someone that was in the "special education" classes. I believe it was part of my duty to help protect those that can't help themselves. We had to protect people from bullies. Bullies were the ones that got off on pushing people around and forcing their agenda's onto other people.

Sound familiar? It does to me, it sounds like the progressive pro-choice community. The people that want to shout at you, intimidate you and resort to name calling. Here's what else they will do, threaten your children, your spouse and anyone close to you. But, like Ted Nugent, I am not afraid of it and if someone wants to come after me, so be it.

The thing is this, they won't come after me. Most of the left wing liberal socialist nuts are all blowhards and when push comes to shove, their threats are just words. My advice, tune them out and focus on the real issue.

The real issue is this, protect the innocent and fight for those that cannot fight for themselves. Stand up for life, stand up for children, stand up for babies and stand up for America. Don't let the socialists win, stand together, take our country back. First step is, save the babies.

Next step has to be fire Washington D.C.!

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